Returns & No Alibi Pledge

To our valued patrons,

When asked what was needed to make a great wine, Baron Philippe Rothschild said, "The grape, the climate, the Earth, the winemaker and God."

Here we grow the noble grapes and the soil and climate make Amador an extraordinary viticulture region.  At Dobra Zemlja, the winemaker respects and minimally intrudes on Nature's handiwork - and we do not make excuses for God.

Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied with a bottle of Dobra, please return it for our vinegar barrel.  We will replace or refund your money.  However, the government insists that the remaining wine that is unsatisfactory, must be returned - no exception - for replacement or refund.  This is called 'protecting the tax revenue.'  If you are still not pleased, we will refer you to several of our fine winery neighbors.

We shall do this with a smile, because food without a bottle of Amador is a terrible way to dine.